3 Top Research Tips for SEO

If you are creating a website, and designing and compiling a search engine optimization strategy, it is well worth your while to do a bit of research first. In fact, it would serve your purposes even more to do a lot of research. After all, when it comes to SEO, the more data you have to analyze, the better.

1. Keywords

There are several decent analytical tools out there that can you ascertain what it is near you that people are searching for. Some of them can even be used online or downloaded for free. Use analytical tools such as these as much as possible. You will be able to ascertain how many people in your area are searching for the services you offer, from there you can do additional research to work out all the possible variations of your general search phrases you should use as keywords. If, for instance, the service you offer is web design and you operate and are searching for clients located predominantly in the Birmingham, you would probably want to try a variety of search phrases based around a general search phrase such as Web Design Birmingham, and base your research around these.

2. Think Laterally

Although it is a good idea to base your SEO strategy on sound research and carefully collected and selected data, you should not simply base your entire SEO strategy on the amount of times a particular keyword has been searched for. Although tempting, this is something of a rookie mistake and it may well not lead to very high conversion rates. Think about looking and other metrices, such as the cost per click of certain keywords. If other companies are willing to pay a high amount for a particular search phrase, this is a good indicator that that keyword has a high probability of converting to business.

3. Be Specific

Lots of people simply pay for as many keywords as possible based around the service they offer. The example above of a company offering web design in the Birmingham area could choose a keyword like Web Design Birmingham, and then spend a great deal of money, time and effort trying to build as many keywords based around that phrase as possible into their SEO strategy. However, this is expensive, not very cost effective and will reduce ROI rates. The company would be better to hone in on highly specific search terms that more closely match the services they offer and are more likely to put their services in front of people that are seriously looking to employ them, thus leading to higher conversion rates and increased turnover.